About Us

Who is GoGoMeds.com?

GoGoMeds is our pharmacy partner.  They fulfill and ship prescription and OTC products directly to your door on behalf of Mediply.

Is Mediply a pharmacy?

Not quite. Think of Mediply as a new way to obtain your prescription treatment. We partner with GoGoMeds.com as our pharmacy and fulfillment partner.

Do I need a prescription to use Mediply?

Mediply offers both prescription (Rx) and over the counter (OTC) acne treatment. There are two ways we offer access to prescription (Rx) treatment:

  1. If you have a prescription, great!  We encourage you to review our products and work with our pharmacy partner to get affordable treatment with free shipping!
  2. If you don’t have a prescription, we offer access to $30 telemedicine consultations with licensed healthcare professionals.

Over The Counter (OTC) products do not require a prescription for purchase.

Who is Mediply?

We are your stop for affordable access to prescription acne treatment. Mediply offers access to $30 telemedicine consultations, an extensive list of products and prices, and free shipping all in one easy to use platform.

Products and Pricing

Can I check out as a guest?

Due to health and safety reasons associated with dispensing a prescription, our pharmacy partner requires that a profile be created to check out.

Do I need to be at home to receive my order?

No, you do not need to present at the time of delivery.

Can I return my product once I receive it?

Click here for full details and information regarding returns and refunds related to products purchased through our pharmacy partner.

How long does it typically take to receive my product once it’s shipped?

You can expect your products to arrive in as little as 3-5 business days.

How much is shipping and processing?

Standard shipping and processing are always FREE. For more information on the shipping policies of our pharmacy partner click here.

Are Mediply products safe?

Mediply’s products adhere to strict quality standards and are FDA approved.

How much do the products cost?

Products vary by price but by choosing Mediply and purchasing Mediply products through our pharmacy partner you could potentially save up to 70%* on your current prescription.

Does Mediply accept insurance?

Currently, our pharmacy partner only accepts cash payments via credit card for Mediply products.

Online Consultations

Is my information safe?

Mediply takes information security and privacy very seriously.  We have designed our platform around the patient experience and can ensure you that our platform complies with all relevant privacy laws and security protocols to ensure your information stays safe and protected.  For more information, please read our PRIVACY POLICY. Please note that if you leave the Mediply site to visit a third-party site, including the sites provided by GoGoMeds or GoodRx Care, you do so subject to the terms and policies applicable to such site. Before using such third-party sites, we recommend that you review the applicable terms and policies, including their policies regarding information security and privacy.

Am I guaranteed a prescription?

Obtaining a prescription is not guaranteed and will be based on the recommendation of your GoodRx Care healthcare professional as a result of your consultation.

How do I communicate with a healthcare professional?

Depending on the urgency, severity, and/or complexity of your request, you may interact with a healthcare professional via video chat, text, phone call, email, instant messaging, etc.

What’s the cost per consultation?

The cost for a consultation is a flat, one-time fee of $30.

Who is GoodRx Care?

GoodRx Care is a wholly owned entity of GoodRx and is built with love in San Francisco, Seattle, and New York. Their team includes doctors, researchers and industry leaders. They know healthcare can be costly and confusing – and they want to help.  They’re building a new healthcare experience that connects patients and providers in a way that is delightful and simple.

*Savings calculations based on quarterly drug price survey comparing average cash retail price listed on GoodRx.com to the Mediply average retail price for the exact form, quantity and dose of drugs compared. Actual savings may vary.

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