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Cream, 0.1%

Generic to: Differin® Cream

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Important Safety Information

What is Adapalene Cream 0.1%?

  • Adapalene Cream, 0.1% is a prescription medicine used in the topical treatment of acne vulgaris.

Who should not use Adapalene Cream 0.1%?

  • People with sensitivities to adapalene should not use Adapalene Cream 0.1%.

What should I tell my doctor before using Adapalene Cream 0.1%?

  • Tell your doctor if you are using products containing sulfur, resorcinol, or salicylic acid or if you use other topical medication, medicated or abrasive soaps and cleansers, and soaps and cosmetics that have a strong drying effect. 
  • Tell your doctor if you have any other skin problems, including cuts or sunburn, or any other medical condition.
  • Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, nursing, or will nurse your unborn baby.

How should I use Adapalene Cream 0.1%?

  • Use Adapalene Cream 0.1% only as directed by your doctor.
  • Adapalene Cream 0.1% is for topical use only.  Do not use in mouth, eyes, or vagina.
  • Cleanse area with a mild or soapless cleanser before applying this medication.
  • Moisturizers may be used if necessary; however, products containing alpha hydroxy or glycolic acids should be avoided.
  • During the early weeks of therapy, more acne may occur. This is due to the use of the medication on previously unseen lesions and should not be considered a reason to stop therapy. Overall benefit may be noticed after two weeks of therapy, but at least eight weeks are required to see consistent beneficial effects.

What should I avoid when using Adapalene Cream 0.1%?

  • Avoid contact with the eyes, lips, angles of the nose, and mucous membranes. The product should not be applied to cuts, abrasions, eczematous or sunburned skin. The use of “waxing” as a depilatory method should be avoided on skin treated with adapalene.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight and sunlamps and wear sunscreen when sun exposure cannot be avoided. Weather extremes, such as wind or cold, also may be irritating.
  • Products with high concentrations of alcohol, astringents, spices or lime should be used with caution.

What are the most common side effects associated with Adapalene Cream 0.1%?

  • The most common side effects in trials were redness, scaling, dryness, scaling, persistent itching, and persistent burning or stinging.

What are other possible side effects associated with Adapalene Cream 0.1%?

  • Sunburn, skin discomfort-burning and stinging and skin irritation were also reported.
  • Redness, scaling, dryness, stinging/ burning, irritant and allergic rash may occur.
  • Exposure of the eye to this medication may result in reactions such as swelling, conjunctivitis, and eye irritation.

Talk to your doctor about any side effect that bothers you or that does not go away.

You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit, or call 1–800-FDA-1088.

Prescribing Information

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